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PLT & THT clips

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Fri Sep 7 08:20:16 2007

Hi All

Pre-Launch Torque (PLT) and Top-Hand-Torque (THT) are key components of a high level swing. Getting a good visual image of these complex swing mechanics from the writing word is difficult at best. Therefore, I thought it would be helpful if I gave my description of the differences between the two and then show MotionView clips of batters exhibiting PLT before shoulder rotation is initiated.

I also think these clips may address Shawn's (Aug post) statements below.

"The elbow is lowering as the hips begin rotation, the bat doesn't arc backwards during this time. The bat doesn't arc until shoulder rotation"

"The "issue" was if THT or torque was responsible for the bat arcing a greater distance. That was the entire issue."

"Stop dodging the issues!!"

"Show a clip of the bat arcing "prior" to shoulder rotation."

Shawn, below are a few clips that shows the bat's rearward acceleration from PLT prior to shoulder rotation better than I could describe with words.

John - PLT to THT Mechanics

Bonds shoulder/bat rotation

Sosa PLT to THT

Bonds PLT to THT

This clip demonstrates the principles of applying THT once the bat-head has been sweep behind the head into the swing plane. Note that I just lay my fingers of the top-hand around the handle. I do not grip it with the palm because I will pull rearward with the fingers instead of driving forward with the palm.

Applying THT

Jack Mankin


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