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Re: Re: Re: PLT & THT clips

Posted by: Shawn (mariner0324@yahoo.com) on Fri Sep 7 16:44:44 2007

> >>> Jack. I guess I am a doubting Thomas, but from the side view it appears Sosa is merely taking the hands back and holding the angle rather than using THT. <<<
> Hi George
> I will markup an across-the-plate view of this swing that should change your mind. It will show that the bottom-hand and knob are almost stationary while the bat-head arcs rearward about 24 inches. This view clearly shows the top-hand arcing back around a more stationary bottom-hand well before shoulder rotation.. The clip should be up in a few days.
> Jack Mankin


Even if the bat arcs a few degrees, that doesn't mean there is any special mechanic being performed.

The bat remains cocked during the early stages of the swing. This assures it is the last thing to move in the kinetic chain. A few degrees of movement means very little.

I would like to see your Sosa clip and see if the bat is arcing backwards or downwards when you say that THT is being applied or PLT.


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