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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: PLT & THT clips

Posted by: George () on Mon Sep 10 14:15:03 2007

> for example, you can see in golf that there will be a tendency for the hinge angle to be retained as long as the torso is coiling, then when the uncoiling starts (cusp or xfactor stretch) there will actually be narrowing of the hinge angle before it widens due to the inertia of the club when the unwinding of the torso connects.
> Golf and PCR/NYMAN are based on "CHP ONLY" ransfer mechanics which is why they are doomed to failure in mlb. YOU must have some tht capability for MLB type early batspeed/quickness.

You might wish to review the swing of Jim Rice who could kill a golf ball. I doubt if he used a whole lot of THT.


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