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Frame #1 -- Initiation of the Swing

The bat-head has sweep into the swing plane. Pre-launch mechanics are completed and the time for individual styles has passed. From initiation to contact, all the best hitters exhibit basically the same swing mechanics (or absolutes). The lowering of the lead-heel triggers the initiation of the swing. Leg and torso muscles are contracting in unison to accelerate shoulder rotation. The hands remain back and allow rotation to fling them into a circular path. The back-elbow lowers toward the batter's side (slot) as the batter pulls back with the top-hand (THT), increasing the bat-head speed in an arc toward the catcher.

Swing Plane like a Tilted Flat Disc
Initiating the Swing
Rotate the Heel - Rotate the Bat-Head
Envision Contact Position
Front Foot - Rotate Heel
Mechanics that Generate Bat Speed

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