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Introduction to Baseball and Softball Hitting Mechanics

There are probably as many mental images of the baseball and softball swing as there are coaches who teach hitting mechanics. While differences in style may exist, one key point proves true - all great power hitters use similar rotational mechanics and weaker hitters do not. Therefore, we thought it would be helpful to break the rotational batting mechanics swing down into its frame-by-frame parts in order to demonstrate each segment of the swing and the essential mechanics.

In order to comprehend why rotational swing mechanics generate great power and bat speed, we must first have a clear understanding of the forces acting on the bat that produce its angular acceleration. Once we understand these forces, then we can better recognize the swing mechanics that most efficiently produce them.

Note: Batspeed.com's research of these "forces" led to the design of our Rotational Swing Trainer: "The Power Belt", and our Instructional Hitting Video: "The Final Arc 2."

Before you click "continue" below to review the frame-by-frame mechanics, first Click Here to review the forces acting on the bat. Once you are finished, click back and then start reviewing the frame-by-frame mechanics.


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