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Frame #2 -- The Middle Mechanics

The swing is now essentially on autopilot. Shoulder rotation, the circular path of the hands, and the push-pull action of the arms are accelerating the bat-head. Throughout the swing, the top and bottom hand is always applying force to the bat from opposing directions (torque). (At initiation, the top-hand is first being pulled back toward the catcher. But by contact, the rotation of the shoulders and the rolling of the forearm from vertical to horizontal will cause the force of the top-hand to be directed toward the pitcher. The bottom hand is just the opposite. The bottom-hand is first being pulled in an arc around toward the pitcher at initiation, but by contact will be pulling back toward the catcher.)

Mechanics of Average to Great Hitters
Role of Hips (Maximum Separation/Disconnection)
Muscles Fire in Unison

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