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Frame #E -- Launch Position

The batter has rotated to the launch position. The hips are cocked open 10 to 20 degrees at toe touch while the heel remains raised. Lead-shoulder is now fully shrugged and pointed in the direction of the second baseman. The lead arm is across chest and the hands have been pulled to the back-shoulder. The back-elbow has reached its highest elevation and started downward. The bat-head is sweeping behind the batter's head into the swing plane. The pitch has been read and the batter is ready to fully initiate rotation and Top-Hand-Torque ("THT" - top hand pulls back toward the catcher, assisted by the back elbow lowering, causing the bat to accelerate toward the catcher in an arc).

Pre-Launch Torque to Top-Hand-Torque
Hide Your Hands at Launch
Inward-Turn - Hands Going Perpendicular to Ball
The High Back-Elbow

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