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BatSpeed.com's Perfect Connextion - Rotational Hitting Aid with Drills and Instruction to Improve Baseball and Softball Swing Mechanics

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Youth Small
(boys/girls 11 and under)
(boys/girls 12 to adult)

BatSpeed.com's first rotational hitting trainer is endorsed by professional hitters and will improve your swing! The Perfect Connextion designed and sold exclusively by BatSpeed.com for baseball and softball. BatSpeed.com's Perfect Connextion is significantly different than the popular golf version, including longer adjustable shafts for proper alignment, foam inserts, and a lead arm strap, making it an excellent batting training device.

The Perfect Connextion and BatSpeed's newest rotational training aid, The Power Belt, create the perfect combination to take your hitting to a new level. The Perfect Connextion breaks old habits and creates muscle memory by forcing the arms and shoulders into the correct position, and the Power Belt maintains the correct position but gives hitters more movement and freedom to quickly transition the rotational swing to batting practice and live pitching.

Coach Jack Mankin has been using the Perfect Connextion with his students and it has proven to be one of his best training aids because it quickly teaches players how to attain the correct arm, shoulder and elbow position for a powerful and consistent rotational swing. This aid can help and correct many common flaws, including players who have an arm swing; lack good shoulder rotation; are back-side dominate; have their back shoulder dipping; have the back elbow moving inward toward the belly buttom; have a linear swing or a rotational swing that is not fully developed. Basically, it can help all players who have not yet developed a high level professional type swing.

The Perfect Connextion is effective because it teaches players how to "stay connected" and deliver the body's powerful rotational forces to the arms and bat through instant feedback so the batter can build muscle memory quickly and efficiently.

The Perfect Connextion is also designed to produce a balance between the batter's lead-side pull and back-side drive. This balance performs many key functions:
  • Keeps the elbows & forearms rotating in sync with shoulder rotation - or staying "Connected"
  • Keeps the larger muscles of the legs and torso engaged to generate maximum bat speed
  • Keeps the lead-elbow and forearm accelerating at the same rate as the back-elbow and forearm
  • Keeps the angle between the forearms constant (i.e., rotating the triangle) for a shorter more compact swing
  • It can be used while swinging against a heavy practice bag or in mid air

It is recommended that you use the Perfect Connextion in conjunction with Jack Mankin's instructional videos (Final Arc 2 DVD and Swing Analysis DVD) to truly understand and master rotational mechanics with the Perfect Connextion, and also use a heavy practice bag (to stop the bat at contact). The combination of these training aids can greatly assist you in learning how to use rotational mechanics correctly and naturally.

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