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Hitting a Softball with Power | Rotational Hitting Drill

Batspeed.com research finds that hitting a softball with more power requires rotational hitting drills that generate more bat speed. Fastpitch and slowpitch softball hitters can maximize their power hitting by practice a rotational hitting drill Batspeed.com coined "Rotate the Triangle." This drill is productive because it promotes the swing mechanics that can generate bat speed.

These swing mechanics are used by softball's most powerful hitters. Below we show the frame-by-frame swing mechanics that these top fastpitch softball home run hitters have in common. Our hitting aid, the Power Belt, is designed to promote these mechanics.

One of the most significant traits in these power hitters is how they keep the elbows at fairly fixed angles and rotate the hands to contact. Since the distance between their elbows remains constant during rotation, I termed the mechanic as "Rotating the Triangle." Hitters with less power tend to extend the arms and hands to contact.

Jack Mankin


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