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95 Minute Instructional Video that Shows You
How to Analyze Your Swing Mechanics Frame-by-Frame
Learn How to Identify Your Strong Points and Correct those Areas that Need Improvement
  • Helps Baseball and Softball Hitters Maximize Their Power and Bat Speed

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   Price: $29.95 (Free Shipping!)

The features of this 95 Minute Instructional DVD include:

  • With step by step analysis of multiple baseball and softball players' swings, this video teaches coaches and players how to analyze the swing frame-by-frame
  • Includes a "Check Off" Work Sheet that helps you determine if your players are using the 7 key positions found in all good swings
  • The video explains these positions and shows how to determine a batter's strong points and those that need improvement
  • Learn the difference between individual hitters' "Styles" and "Key" positions
  • The video shows the common flaws found in many young hitters and explains how to correct them
  • Drills to practice and correct swing mechanics

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