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Re: Re: Big Mac's Front Knee

Posted by: greg (gparks@in.net) on Tue May 9 09:21:30 2000

Very interesting topic but both of you are missing the boat. How can the top hand be pulled back toward the catcher. That statement doesn't make any sense at all. Are you saying to lower the bat to horizontal. I hope not. Please be more clear and produce more examples. To rotate the hips to full flexion requires the knee to posture to 10% or less thus producing full torso thrust and shoulder pinning. Also the lead arm must ocupy a 15 degree or less (supine) position for maximum speed and rotation. The trailing arm thus requires full extension with absolutely NO bend (elbow completely locked) !!! ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS..... THIS IS CRITICAL. With the lead arm extension at 5 to 7 degrees, more thrust can be generated such as is the case in the rotar-arm thrust dynamics of a dyno-rotating "slap-and-hook" machine (used in physics to demonstrate the rotor velocity of a thermal dynamic pendulum). The swing dynamics factor into the very essence of a complete MLB .350 hitter.


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