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Re: Re: Re: Big Mac's Front Knee

Posted by: tom.guerry (tom.guerry@kp.org) on Tue May 9 11:58:45 2000

To borrow a phrase from the classic movie "Blazing Saddles",that's one of the finest examples of frontier gibberish I've ever heard.
The mechanics discussed are well illustrated by Jack on this site.The front arm is extended at contact,the back arm is still well flexed,adding to torque,less flexed with more tophand torque on the outside pitch/contact location.The front arm is most efficient if it is swung perpendicular to the spine.Big Mac's homer last night was a good example of his incredibly short efficient stroke hitting the outside pitch a long way to left center using tophand torque.Torque is started in the preswing,often as part of uncocking the bat after it has been cocked toward the pitcher.This is indeed done by pulling the top hand back toward the catcher before the swing is initiated(if you call initiation the turning of the shoulders forward starting the forward circular handpath).


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