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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Big Mac's Front Knee

Posted by: greg (gparks@in.net) on Wed May 10 11:57:29 2000

Thanks for the tip on the distance from the plate. I have struggled with this one for a long time. First I am told (At a coaches clinic) to put the tip of the bat in the middle of the plate lining the feet up at the knob. Then I am instructed (in yet another coaching clinic) to place the head or tip of the bat at the outside of the inside corner of the plate with bat vertical then place both feet in-line with one another (right foot first if right handed) right behind the bat head, again, in-line with one-another. Then with the right foot , step back into position keeping the left foot stationary. I have indeed experimented with him on distance and he just "knows" where to stand now. A comfortable distance for him.
Thanks again....

Ok, so how far back from the plate should an 8 year-old stand. My son is a pretty good size 8 year old. He is using a 29-19 aluminum bat.
> Well, it depends on what type of hitter he is. One "rule of thumb" is to lay the bat down with the tip touching the outside corner and place the front toe even with the knob. But it's only a starting point- you'll have to experiment.


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