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Re: Role of the hips

Posted by: Dave (dave06492@hotmail.com) on Wed Mar 23 09:44:23 2011

Hi Jack,

You stated "I have found that if a student has the correct mental
image of how to correctly initiate the acceleration of the bat head,
the mind will develop a sound lower-body program to accomplish it."

Do you think that swinging with the Perfect Connextion will help a
batter get better more efficient use of his legs?

I too think that the majority of problems result in players swings
with their arms. The bat is felt in the hands and in the arm's. It's
not felt in the legs. The legs are the furthest from the bat. I feel
that a lot of players problems are the closest to the bat itself.
They feel the illusion of power by powering the bat with their arms.
This is incorrect of course, resulting in poor lower body mechanics.

I think with the Perfect Connextion the player is forces to use his
body to swing the bat. This could help in muscle memory hitting with
correct lower body mechanics. The mind is a powerful thing and it
will set up a program (if you will) to achieve the task at hand. If
you tell someone to jump as high as they can they don't need to stop
and think about which muscles to fire and in what order. The mind
does all this on auto pilot.


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