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Re: Re: Re: Re: Role of the hips

Posted by: FAT Pete () on Sat Mar 26 08:02:34 2011

HI DAve> There is a on line hitting guru who agrees with you.He says by putting a ridgit bat in our hands we tend to over use our arms as the power source instead of the body.But he also goes on to state this can be over come by the use of centripetal force .HE explains it something like this . If a person goes on a Merrygoround, as soon as the merry go round is rotating or spinning fast enough .The person not being part of the wood and steel of the ride will be thrown off the rotating merrygoround. Unless he is tied or holding on tight,He goes on to say its the same with a batter. If the person rotates his body fast enough the bat not being part of the person body. Will be rotated away from that person and into the direction of the oncoming ball .The rotation of the bat is free you dont even have to think about it .Just rotate the body hard and the bat rotates automactilly .Even if you dont want to hit like that when you do start hitting the heavy bag try it .Rock the body back.Small stride foward.Rotate the body hard .And just let the bat head automatically fly into the bat.


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