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Re: Re: Role of the hips

Posted by: Fat Pete () on Thu Mar 24 09:10:06 2011

Hi Dave I know you addressed your question to Jack and I hope you dont mind me putting my two cents in .I think you are so correct when you say(The bat is held in the hands and in the arms its not felt in the legs.The legs are the furthest from the bat)and you go on say using the arms gives the batter the false illusion of power.I also belive that over using the arms as the major power source is not limited to just baseball batting . It must be natural for most of us to want to over use our arms while playing sports.Two other sports I can think of where people have a natural tendancy to over use there arms are. Boxing, and the lift the Power Clean.In Boxing when most people walk in to the Gym and are put on the heavy bag they are mostly arm punchers, they fail to use the rotating body as the major power source.And with the power clean,again its the body that should be the major source of power not the (weak) arms. The arms, should only be thought of as hooks that connect the bar to the body and poweful legs which are actualy lifting the heavy weight.So to punch a heavy bag hard to lift heavy weights off the floor or to drive a baseball we some how have to learn to stop over using arms and use the powerful body instead.And for most this doest seem such a easy thing to do


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