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Re: Re: Top-Hand-Torque clarification

Posted by: tom.guerry (tom.guerry@kp.org) on Sun May 23 12:07:45 2004

Please disregard if you can't stand me beating this kinesiological dead horse yet again

The "archer/bow"type action is mainly the horizontal adduction that nyman relates to "scap loading".To my mind,this cocks the bat mostly toward the pitcher.It does sweep the bat in this direction then starts back toward the catcher a little,but I really do not think of this as significantly accelerating the bat back to the catcher.I do believe in the importance
of applying torque in the preswing/early swing before and after the toso begins to turn.I do think this THT is created by the correct beginning of slotting of the back elbow which is primarily via external rotation of the back arm (NOT shoulder,but external rotation of back arm in shoulder socket) while the back scap conitnues to pinch (horizontally adduct) toward the spine.The other important part of this torque is applied by the bottom hand(not caused by but applied through) largely due to INternal rotation of the lead arm in the lead shoulder socket (cue-lead arm works up a little).

This is the way the body wants to use the muscles to apply these forces and they can be simply demonstrated in person without necessarily calling them complicated things.It is very difficult to communicate in words,and even with pictures,you have to learn and trust the feel and either agree or disagree whether you think the muscles creating theses motions are being used.

Sorry for being so dense,


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