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Re: Re: Re: Re: Top-Hand-Torque clarification

Posted by: tom.guerry () on Mon May 24 09:45:05 2004

Sorry if there is another incomplete post,I keep hitting the enter key by mistake I think.

I do not personally like shrug because this seems to communicate more of an up/down scap/shoulder motion as opposed to the more horizontal sliding of the scaps around the ribcage.

I tend to use some combo of pinch and lift as Nyman describes for throwing.

In any case,I think it's more a case where the scap load cocks the bat and the external rotation /slotting uncocks the bat although the two blend to some degree.The uncocking/slotting/external rotation is more what I think of as THT which also involves the opposing action of the lead scap/arm/bottom hand.


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