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Re: Re: Re: Re: Nyman's THTSimulation

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sat Sep 15 20:21:56 2007

>>> Jack,I think you misread my intent of the thread,the very 1st movements of the knob go from catcher toward opposing base of hitter,this is not a forward pull of the knob as I thought I have heard you profess.I believe that during these 1st movements the barrel is driven back or assisted in being driven back by the top of the bottom hand as the lead elbow works up,when done by a dominant right hand [lefty hitter,one that throws right and bats left or vice versa],the distinction and feel of bat being driven back is superimposed,but before the knob is ever pulled forward,I think by rotation,the hands are torquing but not just top hand pulling back ,but rather by a sophistacated,maybe double pendulum act of the lowe hand that drives the barrel back with the top part assisted by lead arm movement[elbow up] and then simultaneously the knob being pulled out and around to innitiate the chp ,but on a larger scale this is the finer points being created for swing plane while tilt allows the body to get into position for the fine plane adjustment to work,,by launch it is on autopilot and swingplane and radius has been set or is underway and not changing.<<<


I does appear I misread your post. I was concentrating on THT applied during swing initiation while you were describing pre-launch mechanics prior to initiation (PLT). That is one of the problems discussing a complex movement with the written word. I thought it might help if I showed a clip for reference in our discussion.

A-Rod & Bonds PLT to THT

Jack Mankin


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