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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Nyman's THTSimulation

Posted by: tom.guerry () on Wed Sep 19 08:01:45 2007

> >>> Jack what was nice to see in the clips you posted were adjustments made between the 2 for higher s lower pitches [the tilt] more for bonds on lower pitch,and the elbow slot adjustment with a more away pitch for bonds and elbow with a space between ribs and elbow.However the sosa clip you had with grids and the red lines that seperated plt and tht,I think,would be a better clip if you could post here.I think it would show the movements of the bottom hand and the 1st movements back and rearward of the bat.Then you could point out exactly where plt begins and ends and where tht begins.
> Jack or Brian can you repost the clip of sosa with grids here or the game clip of ortiz[side clip] to re discuss the plt/tht points of beginning and end. <<<
> Hi Rql
> I planned to show that clip of Sosa a couple days ago. However, the computer I use with MotionView crashed (bad virus). We hope to have it back up soon. Along with the points you mentioned, it should also be interesting to investigate exactly what is meant by “tilt.” – Example: The way the shoulder blades are hinged, the rear-shoulder socket rises up and down 3 to 4 inches as the rear-elbow rises to horizontal and lowers to the side. Would the lowering of the shoulder as the elbow lowers be considered “tilt?”
> Jack Mankin

Great stuff, Jack ans rql.

I would say you want to tilt the axis/body/weight forward longer to get it more upright for high ball.

Keeping the back shoulder up will encourage the weight flowing forward more/longer as part of doing this.

The back knee flex is what the back shoulder controls to accomplish this.

When the back shoulder drops, the weight/axis stops going forward, stays leaned back more (but does not actually fall back as you do not want the center of gravity to fall back before contact in any case.

Interesting to try to see how video matches with these more "feel" type concepts.

The front shoulder fine tunes this adjustment to match plane.


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