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Re: Hands back,then stride VS stride as hands go back

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sat Nov 3 22:09:34 2001


>>> Watching videos I see a lot of pro's stride as their hands go back. But many hitting instructors teach bring the hands and the front knee back, then stride.

Which do you believe in? Is one method better for power and the other for average? Thanks in advance as I really appreciate your answer. <<<

<u>Jack Mankin's reply:</u>

Hi Coach

Both methods can work well for both power and average. The important point to remember is that the hands should be coming toward the shoulder as shoulder rotation starts. Some batters have their hands above the shoulders (Jeter, A-Rod) and some low and away from the shoulders as they stride (Eric Davis, Bonds), but they all will have their hands (especially the top-hand) coming toward the back-shoulder as they initiate the swing.

Another important point to remember, as the swing is initiated, the first movement of the hands (as a unit) is NOT toward the pitcher. In order to develop a circular hand-path, the first movement of the hands should be perpendicular to the flight of the pitch (or more inline with the catcher's shoulders). So it is also best to bring the hands toward the shoulder ("hiding the hands") as you prepare the launch position. As long as the batter performs a good inward-turn and the arms keep the hands the back, shoulder rotation will propel the hands into a circular path.

Stepping away from the hands (striding while keeping the hands stationary) or extending the hands toward the catcher cannot produce as good of a launch position for generating a circular hand-path as described above. We do not want the hands to be a "sling-shot" back toward the pitcher.

Jack Mankin


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