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Re: sorry late, personal stuff

Posted by: Jack Mankin (mrbatspeed@aol.com) on Thu Apr 29 20:13:39 2004

>>> A new definition:


Comparative of far, to a greater distance in space, to or at a more distant or remote point.

In my batting tee example , I should have said that the hands are FARTHER from the spinal axis when attempting to hit an outside pitch.

Do you agree? <<<

Hi Ray

Yes, we agree. And, now that we understand each otherís terms and definitions, it appears we agree far more than we disagree

>>> And for an outside pitch, do you agree that the rear arm EXTENDS? <<<

Yes. The wider the path of the casting hands, the more extended the back-arm. However, the extension of the back-arm does not determine the width of the hand-path with rotational mechanics. The back-arm can be extended when pulling an inside pitch. As I stated earlier, the width of the hand-path is determined by the arc position of the lead-shoulder joint (Axis 2).

Jack Mankin


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