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Re: Re: sorry late, personal stuff

Posted by: tom.guerry (tom.guerry@kp.org) on Fri Apr 30 09:21:23 2004

> Yes. The wider the path of the casting hands, the more extended the back-arm. However, the extension of the back-arm does not determine the width of the hand-path with rotational mechanics. The back-arm can be extended when pulling an inside pitch. As I stated earlier, the width of the hand-path is determined by the arc position of the lead-shoulder joint (Axis 2).
> Jack Mankin

Perthaps another way to define/state Jack's approach to adjusting insise/outside is that in any case "axis 3" (lead elbow) is not a factor by virtue of the tight connection of the lead arm to the torso.You can adjust the whole shoulder complex/scapula or you can shorten/lengthen the lead arm,but you can not "cast" the lead arm away from the torso or axis 3 will become active and mess up(scientific term) "synchronization of angular displacementrate of shoulders,hands and bathead".

I personally think of the traditional "casting" cue as primarily meaning this "chicken winging"/abducting/disconnecting of the lead arm/humerus.Even so it is intimately related to the pushing of the back arm as part of the total disconnecting move.Both arms have to work together in a total package that is very different to prevent early interruption of torso/body loading and efficient transfer mechanics that turn/accelerate primarily the bathead as opposed to this energy being used to accelerate too much of the knob/hands/arms.


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