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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Does “Weight Shift” = Momentum

Posted by: tom.guerry (tom.guerry@kp.org) on Thu Dec 20 08:35:44 2007

> >
> > Graylon,
> >
> > I've never used that term because there is no walking involved, but I guess this is what I am talking about.
> >
> > Jimmy
> Jimmy,
> The only reason I asked this, is beacause I had a hitting instructor that used this term in order to describe what you are talking about. The issue I have about allowing your weight and body to move forward are that your hands get seperated from your upper body and get left behind. The seperation then becomes your hands from your body instead of your lower and upper body. IMO the lower body is opening while the upper body is working against it, the hands stay around the back shoulder and rotate the barrel rearward as the lower body opens to prepare itself to handle the turning of the barrel rearward. This will create a stretch and fire of the hands. We may very well be talking about the same thing and are just describing it different. I think that if you load the back leg and hips and think of turning the barrel rearward the lower body will prepare itself to handle this action.
> Graylon

Graylon -

Excellent description.

I think the Yeager approach of separating the mechanical whip from the rubberband effect of soft tissue elasticity and muscular force production is required to understand how things work.

The soft tissues have to orient the body segments so they are aligned and adjustable to whip AND they have to provide elasticity and efficient muscle force to enhance whip/aceckeration/momnetum trnasfer.

This is best understood and mmost similar in golf as in this classic reference with nice illustrations :


The previous chapter also explains why turning rather than tilting the shoulders ia a deadly flaw that ruins "early batspeed" or as golf instructors might decribe it, prevents late hitting:

See Chapter 6, flaws that force the "Sunday duffer spin" (same as Nyman PCR "spinhook"):

"These moves bring quick disaster by causing two things. They make us hit too soon and they make us hit from the outside in. The first robs us of distance, the second of direc­tion—and what else do we want from a full shot?


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