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Posted by: Darrell Owings (darrellowins@yahoo.com) on Tue Feb 21 13:34:52 2006

I think you're missing the point. What Jack has done is to carefully and scientifically analyze proper and effective hitting mechanics. In an effort to support his assertions he gives a lot of information on this site to that effect but the actual mechanics he's advocating are very simple. They at the least are no more complicated than any other I've seen except they are superior. Have you never seen whole books on hitting? This is a lot less information than that but with more substance but I do agree with you on less is more. In fact one of my pet peeves is how ever coach my kid's ever had wants him to use different mechanics for different pitches and using the field and so on which I think is bunk. The mechanics do not change at all for any of that, only the timing.> I love how you guys break everything down. By the time your kids are ready to hit is it October? Way too critical of every aspect to hitting a baseball. Sometimes less is more. I would love to have my staff face any of your teams. They probably need a laptop in the box when they come to hit. GREAT JOB GUYS!


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