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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Doug Son's Swing

Posted by: Jack Mankin (mrbatspeed@aol.com) on Tue Jan 6 18:13:26 2004


>>> Jack are you going to tell me Griffey swings the same way as Bonds and Bonds swings the same way as Alex? They don't 'prepare' the launch the same way, they don't swing the same way. They use their bodies differently than one another. They produce different forces preparing for launch which affects how they swing. They use their legs differently which affects the swing, they use their arms differently which affects the swing. <<<

Jack Mankin's reply:

Hi Shawn:

I have already acknowledged that batters display many different Styles in how they prepare the launch position. But as I stated, after initiation of the swing there are Absolute principles common to the transfer mechanics of all great hitters. Below are a few of the Absolute batting principles found in all good swings (with good pitches to hit).

(1) Regardless of the length of stride or how the batter uses his legs, they will all rotate around a stationary axis.

(2) Regardless of where the batter has his hands during pre-launch, they will all bring the hands toward the back-shoulder at initiation.

(3) They will all shrug the lead-shoulder (inward-turn) to “hide the hands” when viewed from the pitcher’s mound.

(4) They will all keep their hands back and allow shoulder rotation to accelerate the hands into a circular path (CHP).

(5) At initiation, they will all accelerate the bat-head in an arc back toward the catcher by pulling back with the top-hand (THT)

(6) They will all accelerate the bat into the plane of the lead-arm as the shoulders start to rotate.

(7) They will all lower the back-elbow to their side (in the slot – “L” position) during rotation to contact.

(8) They will all have their lead-arm across much of their chest as the back-forearm rotates (elbow in the slot) from vertical to a horizontal position at contact.

(9) They will all have the lead-shoulder pulling back toward the catcher (un-shrugging the lead-shoulder) to the 105 degree position at contact. This is to generate BHT and the “Hook” in the hand-path to maximize bat speed.

I have had hundreds of swings sent to me for video analysis. The farther the batter strays from these Absolutes, the poorer the results.

Jack Mankin


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