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Re: Re: Re: Re: THT

Posted by: tom.guerry (tom.guerry@kp.org) on Thu Sep 11 12:46:18 2003

> Hi rql
> In your disagreement you state, “I see the 2 hands being pulled back together as the scap load and during this time, barrel is being bent back toward pitcher and knob at catcher.Barrel is never accelerated back as hands are going back.” -- So, you are saying that as the hands are being pulled back, the barrel is being bent toward the pitcher. Whereas I maintain the barrel is also heading back toward the launch position.
> Guerrero uses “pre launch torque” in his swing. Nick’s clip of him can be shown frame-by-frame. Go to - http://webpages.charter.net/nickkio/Guerrero01.mpg
> Question #1 -- Is the bat going toward the pitcher or the catcher as the hands are pulled toward the launch position?

******I see the hands puuled toward launch first by scap load/pinching of back scap/horizontal ADDuction of back scap,however,the bat does not clearly start turning back to the catcher(start "prelaunch THT) until the back arm starts externally rotating-I would estimate this is when the back elbow plateaus/starts down).This does not mean scap load is finished.The scap continues to load until "L" comes out of the back elbow much later.What you see is the scapula continue to pinch and the arm extend more in the arm socket as "prelaunch THT" begins,driven by external rotation.If you didn't internally rotate the back arm first and get the scap loading to this point,then you can't externally rotate the back arm in synchrony with the lead leg and you can'y effectively apply "THT".
> Question #2 – As he prepares his launch position, does his lead-shoulder stay straight as Paul Nyman advocates and illustrates in animated drawings of his “scapula loading technique”-- http://www.setpro.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=12;t=000025;p=1#000009 – or – does Guerrero turn his shoulder inward, as in the “inward-turn?”

***The front shoulder stops "turning in"/"counterrotating" about the time the bat starts back with THT driven by external rotation of the back arm(synchronized with external rotation of the lead leg as you coil/rotate into toe touch while keeping the hips cocked/loaded).****
> Rql, once we have discussed these points, we can move to your other disagreements.

****rql makes a nice point below in that this loading action that is going from bottom up/center out.Everything starts rotating back with the inward turn,then the legs go out as the torso counter rotates during scap load,then the torso stops(inward turn of front shoulder stops,but arm action has started THT which rql is thinking of as "shoulder action".One man's arm action may be another man's "shoulder action".The long drawn out sequence-hard to see on video but able to be felt:

-inward turn of whole body(hip cock/stride lift/internal rotation back arm

-Counterrotation-torso continues back(scap load.stride foot out

-prelaunch tht/shoulder action/arm action/ with coiling-arms and bat turning

-prelaunch tht with hip uncock/max separationb,bat turning,less arm action,external rotation of back arm finishing(back arm in slot)lead arm finishing internal rotation)

-launch-reversal of torso muscles gets powerful torso turn started.bat turning/getting angular acceleration fron "CHP".
> Jack Mankin


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