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Why the 'missing elbow(s) are important

Posted by: Dennis W. () on Fri Sep 14 00:23:27 2007


I agree with you that Nyman's simulation is indeed a GREAT contribution in visually being able to see the swing in it's simplicity. However, as soon as he begins to offer his explanation of what is happening, it applies only to the model in his simulation and not in the HUMAN swing. He indicates that the forces acting on the hands are at right angles and acting on the TOP hand.
He is absolutely correct in that forces are at right angles.....
without elbows, the lead arm is is straight and not bent, this would transfer the resistive force to the top hand.......something I have never felt.
If you add ELBOWS, at least to the lead arm, still maintaining it's rigidness, forces would still be at right angles but acting on the LEAD hand. The rigid BENT arm directs the angular force.
So, you have the lead shoulder leading, lead arm bearing the resistive force. This IS something I have always felt.
I give credit to Nyman, his simulation made Jack's BHT term very clear to me. BHT is constant throughout the swing. Pulling on the handle with a rigid (bent)lead arm connected to the lead shoulder.
As the shoulders rotate open, torque at the wrists is applied at the point where the Pendulum Effect wants to send the bat forward. This is key.

When you refer to THT, are you referring to the force on the bat that tucks in the elbow, or is THT the force referred to while applying torque at the wrists as the shoulder open and the batter is initiating contact!

Thanks for power in my swing Jack!


P.S. I have a series of swings before I was introduced to Jack's rotational swing explanations. In the course of this year I have taped my swing on a weekly basis. The more core mechanical motions I began to master could be observed within a relatively short timespan.
Now the mental aspect, what will the pitcher throw, and of course TIMING.


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