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Re: firm front leg

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Tue Sep 4 12:16:45 2007

>>> I am really having trouble getting my front leg firm in my swing. I notice that I really drift forward during my swing, causing my head to really move and my front leg to never lock out. What can I do to stop this gliding forward and firm up on my front leg? Thanks <<<

Hi Tom

Without seeing your swing, I would suspect the reason for not getting your lead-leg firm at contact is due to your relying to heavily on your back-side to swing the bat. Back-side dominate hitters leave the lead-shoulder static and rotate their back-shoulder around the posted front shoulder. This action can take the body forward and the lead-leg may never straighten (or firm up).

To solve your problem, you will need to get your lead-side more involved in the swing which requires the lead-shoulder to rotate rearward at the rate the back-shoulder is rotating forward. This is what generates a stationary axis of rotation. In order to rotate the lead-hip and shoulder rearward around the axis is aided by the extension of the lead-leg to drive the lead-hip back toward the catcher.

Practice striding to a well-flexed lead-leg at foot plant. Then, tell yourself that as you initiate your swing, you are going to use the extension of the leg to drive your lead-shoulder back toward the catcher at contact. -- You should find that your body does not tend to drift forward while you are concentrating on driving the lead-shoulder rearward.

Jack Mankin


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