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Re: video camera

Posted by: Brian (batspeed@verizon.net) on Sun Apr 15 11:51:41 2007

> I am interested in getting a video camera to tape swings. I thought a saw a thread on this discussion board but am unable to find it. Could anyone guide me in the right direction? Also, what kind of camera would be compatible to Jack Mankins new instruction software that is coming out? Thanks.

Hi Alan:

BatSpeed's MotionView video analysis software can capture/analyze video from camcorders supported by Windows PCs that record in AVI format. There are many nice camcorders on the market today that create video in different formats. All camcorders will work with MotionView, but some use formats that will require a conversion. This will help answer frequently asked questions.

Mini DV Camcorders

The MiniDV is our recommended choice because it records in high quality AVI and is easy to transfer to your computer with a firewire or USB cable. These record up to 200 MB per minute at 60 frames per second (which lets you see more detail).

Hard Drive Camcorders

Hard drive camcorders capture many hours of good quality footage without tapes or DVDs, but many record in highly compressed MPEG-2 files. This format is not suitable for slow motion computer analysis, graphics overlays, etc., as used by MotionView and most other Windows video programs.

Two quick solutions: (1) Use a (free) software conversion to convert MPEG-2 files to AVI, or (2) use a video converter. Converters are discussed below.

When our students email us videos in MPEG-2 to review, we have used AutoGK to convert the footage from MPEG-2 to AVI for use with MotionView.

DVD Camcorders

DVD camcorders record in VOB format. This is handy to record footage and instantly watch movies in your home DVD player, but it is not compatible with Windows programs for video transfer or editing, including MotionView.

Two quick solutions: (1) Use a (free) software conversion to convert VOB files to AVI, or (2) use a video converter. Converters are discussed below.

When our students send us videos on DVD to review, we use AutoGK to convert the footage to AVI for use with MotionView.

Analog Camcorders

If you have an older analog (non-digital) camcorder (such as VHS), you will need to use a video converter to transfer the footage into your PC in digital video format. See video converters below.

Software converters

Software conversion programs convert your MPEG-2 and VOB files into AVI files. After converting them, MotionView will be able to play them just fine. There are tons of video conversion programs on the internet, most with a free trial so you can see how they work. Just google "video file converter" and you'll find them pretty quick, generally for under $40.00.

We have used (free) AutoGK with success on our projects, although we cannot make any guarantees regarding it.

USB Video Converter

A USB video converter connects your camera's analog video output (RCA or S-Video cable) to your computer's USB port. It then converts analog video into true digital video, visible to MotionView and any other software. MotionView would then "see" your camera, show you live video (or video you are playing from the camera hard drive) on your computer screen, capture as AVI files, etc.

With a USB video converter, you can import virtually any type of footage into your computer (VHS, Tivo, DVR, High Def. from satellite/cable, DVD players/recorders, analog camcorders and more). We also record MLB games in high definition and import them into our computer for analysis on MotionView using this method.

There are many USB video capture and converter devices available for $15 to $50. Try a search on ebay for "USB Video Capture Device."

Other Questions?

Please use the contact us link if you have any other questions.


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