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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Role of the hips in the swing?

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Wed Jun 6 19:58:41 2001

>>> More interesting reading at:


This is info more specific for hip turn in pitching, but there are some similarities. In pitching there is linear to rotational conversion and rotation and motion about complex axes and a benefit to pushing the rotating body forward, etc.In both there is momentum transfer through the kinetic chain which is characterized as dynamic-torsion created by twisting and untwisting the body which transfers momentum and static-pulling the torso around adecelerating lower body after the two have begun moving together due to torsion.

The torsion part accomplishes best momentum transfer by making the link to the torso when the hip turn velocity is maximum. Once things move together the muscles can add to torso rotational velocity by pulling. Is this how others interpret this? <<<

Hi Tom

I see a more direct drive from the lower body generating upper body rotation than from momentum developed from intentional separation. I am sure we all agree the hip rotation leads shoulder rotation. During the inward-turn, the counter rotation of the shoulders has the hips ahead by 20 to 30 degrees at initiation. Where we may disagree is what causes any further separation.

Would you say that further separation (greater than the 20 to 30 degrees at launch position) is the result of sequential lower-to-upper body timing mechanics – or – is any further separation due to overcoming the added dynamic load offered by the upper body mass and accelerating the bat-head? --- Stated another way; At initiation, do you believe the firing order (or contraction) of the lower-to-upper muscles groups is “sequential” – or – do believe the lower body and torso contractions are more in “unison”?

Tom, I hope you can make some sense from what I wrote.

Jack Mankin


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