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Re: Re: RE: Hank Aaron, transfer mechanics

Posted by: mb (mblauer@medione.net) on Tue May 15 17:40:22 2001

Excellent information thank you. I just ordered your tape. If I understand correctly the barrel of the bat actually goes toward the catcher after the bat is cocked on the initial swing. This would straighten the left arm across the chest. This is similar to a move golf pro taught me. I created a great deal of swing speed but also hooked. Not good for golf.
After watching Ted Williams clips, I see that his bat is vertical, his barrel nearly hits the catchers’ glove before going forward, producing a beautiful, smooth, long swing. In effect effortless power. The results speak for themselves. The vertical bat allows the hands to increase the torque creating greater bat speed than held in any other position.
Am I correct here


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