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Re: loading

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sun Mar 19 11:09:38 2006

>>> I am really having some trouble figuring out when I should start my load and when it should be finished. Where should the pitcher actually be in his windup when I start my front foot going forward and my hands loading back (load phase)? I was tihnking that your load should be completed just before the pitcher lets go of the ball. I would really love to know when the right time is. And also, why is it bad to load too early and why is it bad to load too late? <<<

Hi Mike

I interpret "loading" as the stretching and preparing of the muscles to perform work. In the baseball swing, along with preparing the muscles, there is that issue of timing and rhythm you alluded to. With the best hitters, the sequencing of loading to initiation and un-loading (work being accomplished) is one continuous rhythmic movement. When you complete your loading too soon, the body must pause (become static) and the rhythm of the "load to un-load" senescence is interrupted.

Mike, the best hitters will start to match the rhythm of their loading to pitcher's rhythm well before he releases the ball. - This raises an interesting question. - As hitters like Bonds and Sosa are bringing their hands back to the launch position (loading), they are also accelerating the bat-head rearward into the swing plane (pre-launch torque). Accelerating the bat-head rearward into the swing plane means "work" is being accomplished (un-loading). -- So, if the bat is being accelerated as they are bringing their hands back, are their muscles loading or un-loading?

Difference between PLT & THT

Jack Mankin


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