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Re: Re: Re: Role of the hips

Posted by: dougdinger () on Thu Feb 2 04:27:28 2006

> >>> Agreed. When we over emphasize the hips then we fail to optimize the physical efficiency of the spatial relationships of the hips and shoulders.
> We fail to allow a batter to coordinate seamless connections that overlap and integrate to access elastic energies.
> You must learn the swing as a whole body movement or at least as how the top half interacts with the bottom
> I personally get good results using your upper body action. Whether you see the hands, elbows or back muscles as a coach ..the pattern is the same and sending the bat backwards at initiation seems to have a great effect on hip turn as well.
> I will let you tell me why if you agree.......... <<<
> Hi Donny
> Yes, I agree. The reason you get good hip response while sending the bat backwards is because it requires good shoulder rotation to initiate it. Therefore, your hips are working to produce the trajectories you envisioned.
> Jack Mankin

I've been having some problems with the hips in my own swing. First, is it possible to overfocus on the turning of the hips and lead leg extension? How do you teach how to blend shoulder rotation with hip rotation?
Second, your 3rd and 4th points about how to produce an effective swing (regarind the production of torque) sound exactly the same to me. Can you differentiate your points here?


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