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Re: Re: Role of the hips

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Wed Feb 1 21:36:24 2006

>>> Coach Jack,
What do you mean by "upper body transfer mechanics"? I think this is an are I need to better understand because when I take swings with what I feel is similar rotational energy from my hips, some balls seem to come off the bat much hotter than others. Even with the Swing Mate, I'll take two swings that I feel are very similar, but the speed will be 3-5 mph different. <<<

Hi Andrew

I will address your questions regarding the SwingMate and THT in another thread. Transfer mechanics basically refers to the forces that are applied through the hands to the handle of the bat to induce bat-head acceleration. Efficient transfer mechanics require - (1) Setting up the correct launch position. (2) Keeping the hands back at the shoulders during initiation and allowing rotation to fling the hands into a CHP. (3) The top-hand applying force at the handle that works with the natural tendency of the bat-head to first rotate rearward (THT). (4) Applying torque (push/pull action of the hands) that works with, rather than distorting, the pendulum effect of the CHP (BHT).

Andrew, this is obviously just a brief description. And, as I am sure you and many others can attest to, there are many pitfalls to overcome in perfecting them. Keep in mind as you practice Once initiated, a ballistic motion produces trajectories that can be changed only at its margins. - Therefore, if the swing is initiated with incorrect forces, the balance of the swing will be an exercise in compensation.

Jack Mankin


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