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Creating THR

Posted by: Jack Mankin (mrbatspeed@aol.com) on Fri Jul 30 14:07:30 2004

>>> I'm just gonna focus now on getting a consistent CHP. Should I just keep it simple and focus on bringing my back elbow in and then just rotate? <<<

Hi Dougdinger

All the mechanics and drills we have discussed to develop a productive hand-path are important. But, do not forget to focus on the ultimate purpose of all good swing mechanics Ė accelerate the bat-head around the entire swing plane. This means, first accelerating it back toward the catcher and then around toward the ball. If you acquire a sound launch position and keep that focus in mind, most of the mechanics to accomplish it should begin to occur naturally (THT, CHP and BHT).

Dougdinger, the most limiting factor to generating great bat speed in the average swing is -- they only focus on accelerating the bat-head out in front. That is why the hands separate from the rotating shoulders too soon. --- Keep the thumb at the shoulder until the batís acceleration pulls it away.

Jack Mankin


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