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Re: Role of the hips

Posted by: gordy macdonald (gordymac2@optonline.net) on Tue Feb 12 17:22:55 2013

Jack, I have been using your theories, cd's and videos for years with my sons and players and have had good success, In your CD, the final arc 2, John instructs his students to turn the front leg to initiate hip and shoulder turn. so I teach that the baseball swing is initiated from the ground up. At launch position I teach that first you turn your knee and leg and continue up through the hips, shoulders to contact.Some players use their front foot differently so I leave this to the individual. Initiating with the front knee and leg has eliminated lunging, and created a firm front leg and stationary axis for my sons and players. It took sometime to find this clarity in the hip turn ,but now were doing fine. Hope this helps clarify for some how to initiate hip turn.


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