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Re: Re: The

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Wed Aug 13 18:55:57 2003

>>> Can you explain absolute #10 further, that the bat will come to contact as the shoulders finish rotation. On almost every clip I have the ball is struck with the line of the shoulders perpendicular (or there abouts) to the path of the ball. Yet, the shoulders of many if not all good hitters continue to follow through until they have or nearly have replaced each other. I think I know what you're saying but contact is made way before the shoulders finish rotation, is it not? <<<

Hi Teacherman

The shoulders rotate from two separate energy sources. The large muscles in the legs and torso power rotation from initiation of the swing to contact. Then there is pause in shoulder rotation until the momentum of the bat starts pulling the arms and shoulder around during the follow-through. I am referring to the shoulder rotation that supplies power for the swing.

Jack Mankin


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