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Re: Re: Re: Opening the hips- when & how much?

Posted by: Jack Mankin (Mrbatspeed@aol.com) on Thu Jun 19 01:12:50 2003

>>> I think I agree but disagree. And I think you contradicted yourself, but I'm not sure.

I believe the hips have a VERY important connection/effect on the bat and batspeed. They supply much of the power in the swing. Yes that energy is transfered through the shoulder rotation to the bat. But it comes from the hips. If you don't rotate your hips you won't swing as quick/fast/hard as you would if you do rotate your hips. That's a given. So how can the hips have to direct connection/effect on the bat.

But then later you say exactly that. "The importance of hip rotation in the swing is in how much it contributes to shoulder rotation". So didn't you just contradict yourself? If the hips have no direct connection to the bat, it shouldn't matter what they do. But you just said that they contribute to shoulder rotation. The hips contribute to shoulder rotation and shoulder rotation brings the bat to the zone (swings the bat). Am I correct there or not? If I am correct, then the hips DO have a very important connection to the bat. <<<

Hi Mister X

I have spent an enormous amount of time pointing out the importance of good lower-body mechanics to maximize the power of hip rotation. So I fully understand and appreciate how vital hip rotation is to the swing. But, I would also point out that energy can not just jump from the hips out to the bat. For hip rotation to be converted into bat speed, it must cause a corresponding acceleration of the shoulder rotation.

You stated, "I believe the hips have a VERY important connection/effect on the bat and batspeed. They supply much of the power in the swing." I would agree with you. But what about a batter who strides and fully opens his hips while keeping his shoulders closed, and then swings? Granted, this would generate a maximum "X factor" but would this action generate greater power for the swing.

I think not, once the large muscles of the legs and pelvic area are used up to fully open the hips while the shoulders stay closed leaves only the contraction of the torso muscles left to power shoulder rotation. Allowing the hips to rotate open to merely to attain separation could be considered a "disconnect" in the kinetic chain.

What I just described is being taught in Little Leagues, High Schools and many Colleges. They have the batter (1) Stride (2) Open the hips while keeping the shoulders closed (3) Swing.

Mister X, you make a very important observation when you say "the hips have a VERY important connection/effect." For hip rotation to be effective in generating bat speed, they must stay connected during the swing -- Not wasted while rotating disconnected.

Jack Mankin


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