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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Pitching vs Hitting Mechanics cont.

Posted by: Graylon (g_dunc@hotmail.com) on Wed Dec 19 11:03:54 2007

> > Brian,
> >
> > I did address the forward momentum issue, there is forward momentum in both actions.
> >
> > I also stated that there is obviously less forward movement in hitting compared to pitching, but there is a 100% weight transfer in both.
> >
> > 100% of a hitters weight is transfered into and against his front leg. This is why the back foot is lifted off the ground in a high powered swing.
> >
> > You state..."the front leg straightens in order to PUSH the front hip/torso backward while the rear leg drives the back hip/torso forward."
> >
> > If this is true than how does the back foot rise into the air at the same time the front leg straightens?
> >
> > Jimmy
> I don't see the Bond's back foot coming off the ground in the clip Jack posted, at least through contact. He appears perfectly balanced at contact, his weight centered between his legs.
> His back foot certainly doesn't appear to come off the ground "at the same time the front leg straightens".
> Other clips I've seen show his back foot coming off the ground, but not until long after contact, when his upper body has turned so much that his right (front) shoulder is now pointed backwards towards the backstop.

IMO pitch location has a lot to do with how "weightless" the back foot gets.


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