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Re: Loading the front side vs. loading the back side

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sun Dec 16 10:41:43 2007

>>> If you believe in swing theory #1...(Power comes from lead shoulder rotation), than you probably think that a weight shift is useless and an inward turn of the front hip and front shoulder is a sufficient load.

If you believe in swing fact #2...(Power comes from lower body and back half of the body), than the weight shift to the back side is critical. Inward shoulder turn alone is not sufficient. As a matter of fact, too much of this inward turn will result in a dominant front side which is much less powerful and less controllable. <<<

Hi Jimmy

What leads you think it must be just one or the other? This site believes the best hitters make efficient use of both.

You state, "It's pretty simple...Back side dominance = Power and control."

Jimmy, pitching a baseball is a back side dominant mechanics because it relies on the trajectories of just one hand. However, that is not the case with swinging a bat. -- I will post a clip on Monday to show the difference.

Jack Mankin


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