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Re: Re: Re: Mark Teixeira -- inside/outside

Posted by: Jimmy () on Sat Dec 1 20:22:01 2007

> >>> Both yourself and Teacherman talk about THT causing the barrel to go rearward at the start of the swing-path.
> Why is it when players swing a bat with the bottom hand only (in some drill-work), the barrel goes rearward as well?
> No top hand on the bat to supply your THT, but the same rearward path result occurs.
> Can you explain? Thanks. <<<
> Hi Jimmy
> You are exactly right, the bat-head does accelerate rearward when swung with the bottom-hand alone. In fact, that is first thing I have a student practice when learning to apply THT. Then, the students learn how to greatly increase that rearward acceleration by adding the correct use of the top-hand. -- As I told Teacherman, we will discuss THT in detail in another thread.
> Jack Mankin

Thanks Jack, and looking forward to the thread.



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