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Re: Re: Re: Re: Clips - hip & shoulder rotation

Posted by: daw (daw@bellevue-law.com) on Thu Nov 1 09:01:23 2007

> This clip will teach you where/when "go" happens.
> Rubber band analogy
> Don't make any conclusions until you understand it.

"This is not a result of shoulder rotation. This is the effect of the unwinding of the wound rubber band"

Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four is the only person I know whose body tissue is elastic and he is a cartoon figure. If he were real, he might be interested in your theory, "Teacherman".

Rubber "unwinds" because of its uniquely elastic properties. Rubber bands snap back into shape when the forces being applied to stretch them from their natural state are removed. Third graders know that they shoot rubber bands by pulling back and letting go.

The human musclo-skeletal system works precisely the opposite, through the application of force to the muscles--contraction--which are attached to bone. Without muscle contraction, body movement is determined by gravity. Would you do pull ups by relaxing the muscles in your arms and letting the "rubber band unwind", Teacherman? What, exactly, is the connective tissue in the body that according to your theory powers the swing by "UNWINDING"?

"Teacherman" do you actually have students who pay you to listen to this arrogant drivel? How many? What's the longest any has stayed with you? Do you have any who have gone to college or signed pro, willing to come onto this board and give testimonial to the help you gave them in understanding and building their swing? Why don�t you have your own site, your own discussion board? Is teaching hitting actually your profession? Is it something you even do?

And do you SERIOUSLY consider human connective tissue to possess the elastic properties of rubber?


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